Our team provides specialized glaucoma screening and treatment

Do You Need Glaucoma Treatment in Rockford, IL?

Glaucoma Associates of Illinois offers thorough glaucoma screening and excellent glaucoma treatment in Rockford, IL.

Glaucoma is a group of conditions that damage your optic nerve. Because this group includes many conditions, you may have a variety of glaucoma symptoms. In a common type of glaucoma, you may experience slow vision loss that erodes your peripheral vision.

For a complete assessment of your symptoms, call 815-904-6011 now. We'll schedule comprehensive glaucoma screening for you.

After screening, we offer treatment

If we find that you have glaucoma, you need to see an expert. We can use several different techniques to give you relief and prevent further vision loss.

We can provide treatments like:

  • Micro invasion glaucoma surgery
  • Laser glaucoma treatment
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Aqueous shunt implantation

If you think you're suffering from glaucoma, ask us about glaucoma screening and glaucoma treatment right away. If we find you have glaucoma, you should see us, glaucoma experts for treatment.

Glaucoma Associates of Illinois is fighting blindness and empowering vision.

Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Azizur Rahman is the only Harvard fellowship-trained glaucoma surgeon. He's well-experienced in glaucoma treatment, as is the rest of our team. We use the latest equipment to help patients like you. You can count on our expertise and technology during your treatment.

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