We'll shed light on your cataract surgery options in Rockford, IL

Get Clarity About Cataract Treatment

Living with cataracts is difficult. They cloud your vision, make you sensitive to light and hold you back from activities like reading or driving.

If you're living with cataracts, Glaucoma Associates of Illinois is here to help you in Rockford, IL. Call 815-904-6011 to arrange an appointment. We'll evaluate your eyes and illuminate treatment options like cataract surgery.

Traditional and laser cataract surgery

Depending on what we find during examination, we may recommend traditional or laser cataract surgery.

Traditional cataract surgery consists of replacing the clouded lens in your eye with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens. This is usually an outpatient surgery, in which only your eye is anesthetized, meaning that you won't have a hospital stay.

Laser cataract surgery includes the use of a laser. Removing the clouded lens from your eye requires a small incision, and we use a laser to make that incision. Like traditional cataract surgery, this is usually an outpatient procedure.

Each of these surgeries can be suitable for patients in different situations. Consult a specialist to learn whether traditional or laser cataract surgery is appropriate for you.

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